Call or email for questions!
Call or email for questions!
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Do you need to use all three Command hooks to mount the wiNest on a vertical surface?
Yes.  The wiNest was designed to use three 3-pound hooks, which will hold 9 pounds.  When full, the wiNest weighs roughly 9 pounds.  Using less than three 3-pound hooks will likely cause the hooks to fail.  
Does the wiNest need to be mounted on a wall?
No. We designed it to be self standing if you want to keep it on a flat surface. It's thin footprint allows you to maximize surface space if you aren't using it.
Does the wiNest come in other colors?
Not yet.  To keep costs down, we chose the bamboo material for our initial production run.  The bamboo grain is unique and looks fantastic.  However, you may also "make it you" by painting or staining your wiNest when you receive it.  We have had several customers do this.  If you customize, we'd love to see your photos!
Can you customize my wiNest?
Yes!  If you want a custom saying or image on your wiNest, please contact us before ordering and we can collaborate on your design.  
We have laser engraving capabilities, and we are partnering with a local company to do other custom artwork.  We will work with you to make this as affordable as possible!
Do you offer a warranty?
Yes, the wiNests come with a 30-day warranty against workmanship issues.  Every wiNest is inspected prior to shipping to ensure it meets our quality standards.  However, if something arrives damaged from shipping, absolutely contact us and we will work with you to get it replaced.  
What if the wiNest falls off the wall and is damaged?
Improper installation of Command hooks that result in wiNest damage is not covered by warranty.  It's about 10 minutes of prep and install time to do it properly (and an hour to wait before using), then it will last for years or until you remove the Command hooks from the wall.
Please follow the instructions exactly, and we encourage you to contact us if you have questions.  
When will your other products be available?
We are working on those, and many can be bought now.  If you see something in the "coming soon" section you like, let us know.  We can likely do some limited production runs to make your item!  Many of our "coming soon" items are built-to-order anyway, so feel free to contact us.  We strive for built-to-order in order to limit our inventory space requirements.
We will also happily collaborate with you on any custom piece you are interested in - a different lake map, for example.