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About Us

About the Founder

Jeff Evans, founder of Karten Products, has entrepreneurship in his DNA. Raised by parents who owned small businesses in the Southern Tier area, the Syracuse resident and engineering professional followed in their footsteps with the development of Karten Products.

Now his two daughters are proud to have two parents who are entrepreneurs, as both Evans and his wife, Laurie own their own small businesses. Family is at the heart of Karten’s brand values, as the name “Karten” itself was created by combining the Evans daughters’ names, Kara and Kristen.

About Karten Products

With Evans’ experience in engineering and product development, Karten Products was born from his innate need to solve problems and increase the functionality of everyday items. The company has capabilities to produce chairs, plaques and custom projects employing techniques like laser etching and engraving and CNC milling and engraving.

The wiNest Story

The idea for Karten’s signature product was conceived the way many innovative products are - from an everyday problem and an impromptu brainstorming session among friends. One night at a gathering of neighbors at the Evans’ home, their neighbors came to visit bearing just the bag of wine that comes packaged in a cardboard box. Turns out it got wet and disintegrated, and the neighbors had no way of transporting or dispensing the plastic bag of wine. 

The friends got to thinking - what if there were a way to avoid this situation altogether? Boxed wine in cardboard sitting on a countertop takes up a lot of space and can get messy -  Evans was inspired to solve this problem inevitably experienced by boxed wine customers, and the first prototype of the wiNest was born. 

After hours of CAD layout work and several prototype iterations, the wiNest is now a patented and American-made product ready to make life easier for boxed wine lovers!